Epstein returning home to WAVY-TV

Nathan Epstein(March 29, 2013) Nathan Epstein is going home – twice. An STAA client, Epstein has been hired as a Sports Anchor/Reporter at WAVY-TV in his hometown of Norfolk, VA. It’s also a station at which Epstein has prior experience.

Epstein relocates from Hattiesburg, MS where he has been the lead sports anchor at WDAM since July 2011.

“I’m really not sure it gets any sweeter than this,” grins Epstein. “I was born in Norfolk, VA, lived there until I was ten, then moved to Richmond. My grandparents still live in Norfolk, and they absolutely flew through the roof when I told them where I was headed. That alone was worth saying yes.”

Another reason for saying yes is the challenge of working in a larger market. “Bigger market means bigger expectations of you from your news director and your sports director, and it also means tougher competition,” says Epstein. “All those things can only push you to be better at what you do.”

The new job not only represents a return to his hometown, but also a return to a station Epstein has worked at previously. “I interned for WAVY in the summer of 2010, right before I started my senior year in college (Longwood University). I’ve worked with Bruce Rader- a legendary sportscaster in the Tidewater area- and I’ve worked with his producer Brian [Parsons]. I understand what they want and they have a feel for what my strengths are.”

It was through maintaining relationships he established during his WAVY internship that Epstein landed his new gig. “I tried to keep in touch with them as much as possible. But I didn’t keep in touch just to ask if there was a job open. I really enjoyed my time as an intern. I became good friends with Brian and Bruce, and really just stopped in to say ‘Hey’ every now and then. A couple of months ago, I got a call from Bruce telling me there was an opening, but I still had to go through the process like everyone else did.”

Epstein has been an STAA client for nearly two years. “STAA has helped me in a number of ways,” he says. “The job openings I receive really give me a pulse for what’s going on in the market, but more than that, the eBlasts are incredibly helpful. I’ve applied so many tips to not only resumes, cover letters and resume reels, but to my sportscasts as well.”

Now, Epstein is going home to work in a market, at a station and for a boss that he truly enjoys. “Bruce Rader is an incredible sportscaster, but he’s also an incredible person, and I couldn’t be more thankful to him for giving me a chance like this.”

(Visit Nathan’s STAA Talent Page).

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