Epstein joining NBC TV in Hattiesburg

Nathan Epstein(July 5, 2011) Things do not always turn out as planned. Sometimes, they turn out better. That is the case for STAA client Nathan Epstein. When Epstein applied for work at WDAM Channel 7 in Hattiesburg, MS, he expected to be a candidate for the No.2 sports position. He ended up with the No. 1 job.

“I was just as surprised as anyone,” Epstein says.

The opportunity came about when Mitch Williams left Hattiesburg’s NBC affiliate after 27 years to pursue other interests. It was expected the station would promote their No. 2 sportscaster to the top spot and Epstein applied for the No. 2 position. When the No. 2 also left for family reasons, Epstein was hired for the lead job.

One thing that is particularly attractive to Epstein is the supportive atmosphere he observed when visiting the station for his interview.

“It really is a family environment there,” Epstein says. “Everyone is looking out for everybody. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed because it makes the overall product better.

“They’ve backed me ever since I first went down there. They told me they’ll help me any way they can. That was really a big plus.”

Epstein is a 2011 graduate of Longwood University in Virginia where he worked at the campus radio station and wrote for the student newspaper. He is moving from a one region that is passionate about sports to another.

“They really care about their sports in Hattiesburg,” Epstein says. Local sports aren’t really on the rise across the US but it is here.”

(Visit Nathan’s STAA Talent Page).

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