10 tips to be as entertaining on social media as you are on air

An employer was interviewing a finalist for a play-by-play job. Things were going well until the employer asked the candidate how he was using social media to promote his broadcasts. The candidate replied, “I Tweet a reminder about the start time for our broadcast.”

End of answer. End of interview.

You must be social media savvy to work in sports broadcasting today. It’s a topic we covered in-depth at STAA’s recent play-by-play retreats in San Diego.

Here are 10 for being as entertaining on social media as you are on air.

1. Videolicious

The software allows you to create a simple video package and voice over in just seconds. Use it to promote your broadcast. Click here to try it.

2. Twitter Live and Facebook Live

Use a still photo accompanied by a 60-second voiceover to preview today’s game. This “Pre Pregame Show” can feature things like a player, coach, dance team member, or starting lineups. Set up a two shot on your iPad to interview someone. Be sure to also tease the start time of your broadcast. Sell it to advertisers.

3. Tweet the Link

When tweeting your broadcast time, always add the link where fans can listen. Make it easy for them to tune in.

4. Tag others

Tag people in your photos to move your message more quickly through your community. Don’t forget to tag sponsors, too!

5. Take Fans Behind The Scenes

Share pics of your preparing, your drive to the stadium, the inside of the press box, your spotting charts and game notes, the buffet in the media room, etc.

6. Take Fans On The Road

Shoot 10 seconds of video of you walking through the airport at 5 am. Share your view from the plane or out the window of your Lyft or from your hotel. Show the restaurant where you are eating dinner.

7. Share Pregame

Use Instagram or Facebook Live to broadcast batting practice or warm-ups.

8. Interact In-Game

Encourage listeners to Tweet questions that you’ll answer during the game.

9. Tweet Deck

Use TweetDeck or Buffer to schedule Tweets while you are on-air.

10. Countdowns

19 days left until the start of the Padres season? Share a fact about Tony Gwynn, the most famous No. 19 in Padres history.

You might also check out Instagram’s new “Live With” feature. It could be a game-changer for sports teams. Read about it here.

How are you creatively using social media to engage with your play-by-play audience? The STAA community will benefit from your input. Please share your ideas below.

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