Don’t Let This Emotion Kill You In The Sportscasting Job Market


The sports broadcasting job market can be SO doggone frustrating!

A sportscaster shared this struggle with me via email:

“It’s official. The team I interviewed with went in another direction. Smith was always going to be hard to beat. I stand by my anger that I was part of a dog and pony show that was always going to end up with Smith getting the job.

How do I get past my anger?”

Anger is understandable because the job market is frustrating. But . . .

You must. Let go. Of it.

Anger will impact the attitude with which you pursue other jobs.

I know a sportscaster who’s been repeatedly frustrated in the job market. He’s a talented guy but is not achieving the heights he thought he was going to. His anger would show through in his cover letters, and in his follow up voicemails and e-mails with employers.

He didn’t realize it, but I saw his anger clear as day in the cover letters he shared with me.

Keep in mind that, even with a failed application, and even if you feel like you went through a dog and pony show, you gained something from the process. You spoke to the employer and you had the opportunity for them to get to know you.

The person with whom you interviewed may be in charge of hiring for another employer one day. You might get that job based on this failed experience.

In May 2009, Alex Benzegala was hired as sports director at AM 1100 The Flag in Fargo, ND after previously interviewing unsuccessfully to another position at the station.

The only person anger will ever hurt in the job market is you.

You are too good to let that happen.

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