Dumb Things Sportscasting Job Applicants Have Written in Cover Letters

It’s fun when employers share crummy cover letters with me.

I’m sharing two examples of dumb things sportscasting job applicants have written in their cover letters – and why you want to avoid making similar mistakes.

Smarter-Than-Thou Syndrome

“I’ve performed every duty in the job summary and fulfill the knowledge, skills and abilities you’re looking for. I’m also not too shabby of an editor. Not to be snotty, but I could point out the spelling errors in the job summary if you’d like.”

Not to be snotty. That’s nothing more than a warning to your potential employer that you’re about to spew something snotty.

Don’t criticize the job description. Regardless of who wrote the description, you’re criticizing the employer for whom you want to work.

Better-Than-Thou Statements

“I’m better than what you currently have on Afternoon Drive.”

While that may be true, the program director that you’re approaching about the job may well be the one who hired that sports talk host. By criticizing the host, you’re criticizing the person that you are asking for a job. Don’t do that.

Catching your own errors

Here’s a tip: read your cover letter objectively, as if YOU are the hiring manager.

What stands out? If you’re offended, fix it.

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