Dream comes true for Worhack with Arizona Prep Spotlight

(August 31, 2018) Many broadcasters go through periods of frustration and self-doubt. Zack Worhack was no different. The recent University of Northern Arizona graduate grew discouraged after four years of college didn’t lead to an immediate opportunity.

“Over the summer I fought with my mental health nearly every day,” explained Worhack. “This industry is so competitive and when I did not have anything lined up post-graduation, I second-guessed everything. Thoughts flooded through my head that I was a failure. I felt like I was not good enough to get hired because I did not have a job in the sports broadcasting industry.”

It has all changed for the STAA member. Worhack is joining the Arizona Prep Spotlight team on Fox Sports Arizona to cover the Northern Arizona region. Separately, he will also have the opportunity to broadcast NAU women’s basketball and volleyball on TV and Internet.

“As far as my responsibilities go at Arizona Prep Spotlight, I will be creating feature stories and game recaps on a weekly basis,” explained Warhack. “My territory is all of Northern Arizona, but I will also be covering stories in the valley. In addition to this, Arizona Prep Spotlight live streams high school games throughout the state so I will have the opportunity to call play-by-play in addition to other duties.”

Having a strong support system is important for a sports broadcaster. The job is demanding, time-consuming and often frustrating. Worhack relied on family and friends to bolster his confidence.

“I am so thankful for everyone in my circle and for those who helped me along the way. I had countless conversations with my girlfriend, Meg, and she pushed me to keep fighting for what I had dreamed of since I was a child,” said Worhack. “In addition to Meg, I spoke with my mom, dad and Jon (Chelesnik) about all of my doubts and I am grateful for all of them.”

The Arizona Prep Spotlight is a perfect fit.

“It gives me the opportunity to pursue my passion of sports broadcasting. This job has so much to offer and I believe it will allow me to improve due to the fact that I have the opportunity to be a reporter and play-by-play announcer.”

(Visit Zach’s website).

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