Whatever You Do, Don’t Ask Hiring Managers For This

A sports talk show host told me that after he had unsuccessfully applied for a job, he asked the program director to critique his work.

I replied, “Oh my, why did you do that?

Here are three reasons you don’t want to ask hiring managers to critique your work.

1. It’s not what you really want from them

You want work, so don’t ask for something else.

2. Employers are busy

Most employers are too busy to critique your work. They’re especially unlikely to do it if they don’t know you. Don’t ask strangers for favors.

If they’ve come to know you during the application process and there is a mutual respect, you might be able to get away with it. Most applicants though, don’t get that far in the process.

3. It’s a bad look

Asking a hiring manager to critique your work makes you look inexperienced. That’s definitely not a look that you want.

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