DiMaggio approach lands Gulick at The Fan in Cleveland

“Brendan(October 5, 2017) Joe DiMaggio famously explained the reason he consistently played so hard is because someone might be watching him for the first time. A similar mindset has landed STAA member Brendan Gulick a sports update anchor job at CBS Radio in Cleveland.

“Joining the team at 92.3 The Fan is a great opportunity,” Gulick, a Cleveland native, smiles. “They are very well-respected locally and I’m learning that there are lots of ways to build your career. Everyone’s journey is different, but I think there is something to be said for trying to lay your foundation in a bigger market.”

Since graduating from John Carroll University in 2013, Gulick has been broadcasting minor league baseball, college and high school play-by-play on platforms from radio and Internet to ESPN3.

“Most of my opportunities came outside of the Cleveland market after I graduated” says Gulick. “I moved eight times in four years as I bounced between seasonal baseball and college athletics jobs to build up my work experience. I came back to Cleveland in November, 2016 and have been balancing a number of different things.”

The opportunity to move to sports talk radio came as a surprise.

“A few months ago, the former GM of my college radio station (WJCU) asked if I would be willing to help out over the summer while their kids were away on break,” Gulick explains.

He ended up doing several shows. “Luckily, one of those shows re-aired several weeks later and [92.3 The Fan Program Director] Andy Roth happened to hear it. It was certainly a stroke of good fortune,” Gulick grins.

Roth contacted Gulick and eventually offered him a job. “It just reinforces the old adage – always do your best work because you never know who is listening,” he says.

Gulick appreciates that versatility can lead to a long career.

“My experience has primarily been in play-by-play since I began my career and it’s no secret that I love broadcasting live events. But as anyone in this industry knows, you have to be versatile if you’re going to build a career in sports broadcasting.

“I’m trying to diversify my experience as much as I can and I want to build my credibility in the Cleveland market. I’m trying to meet as many people as I can and build quality relationships.”

For a similar story on “being discovered,” watch this short STAAtv video about how former STAA member Christian Bruey landed at WFTV in Orlando.

(Visit Brendan’s STAA Talent Page).

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