Is Your Demo Overwhelming Employers?

A sportscaster invited me to listen to the demo on his website. He pointed me to a specific basketball play-by-play track he wanted me to listen to. It was one of several on the page.

If you have a single sample you want to be sure an employer reviews, make it the only sample of that genre of sportscasting that you provide.

Less is more on your demo

How many samples belong on your radio or TV demo?

A good demo features quality over quantity.

Share your best and favorite work

A major market sports radio program director shared this story with me. He received a link to a website from a job applicant. The website featured maybe a half dozen sports talk samples. The employer told him, “I haven’t listened to the amount of tape that you have posted, even for the most important hires of my career. I can decide in five seconds if I’m going to give you an additional one minute of my time.”

Before sending several demo links to an employer, ask yourself if you have someone’s attention for five seconds, do you feel comfortable with them clicking any one of those links?

Again, less is more.

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