How To Ask Someone You Don’t Know To Critique Your Demo

What’s harder — asking someone on a first date or asking someone you don’t know to critique your demo?

I can give you advice on both, but I’m going to address the latter.

There’s a step before you make the ask

A sportscaster asked for suggestions for an email subject line when requesting demo critiques from people you don’t know. He asks, “Would just being simple and using ‘critique request’ work? Or should I try using something else because I don’t know the person and I don’t want to turn them off right away?

My suggestion is to not ask for a critique in your introductory correspondence. Attaching the audio to your initial email comes across as presumptuous, like you’re assuming they are going to say yes.

Instead, send an email and let them know why you’ve chosen them to contact in the first place. Maybe you’re a long time listener or longtime fan.

After you’ve done that, ask if it’s okay if you send a sample of your work for feedback. Tell them you would respect their opinion and value their input.

Don’t overthink the subject line

As for the subject line, write something simple like, “Introducing myself.”

Don’t overthink it, but do be respectful of the other person’s time.

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