The Sneaky Way to Know if an Employer has Watched Your Demo

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know the part of your sportscasting demo reel employers think needs improvement, or if they even watch at all?

You CAN know those things.

The magic wand is YouTube Analytics. YouTube offers two great pieces of info for each video:

1. Who has watched

You can tell from where people have watched your demo.

If you sent your demo to an employer in Sheboygan, Analytics will tell you if someone in Sheboygan has watched your video. If your demo hasn’t been viewed within a week after you sent it, send it again.

2. When they stopped watching

Analytics will tell you people stopped watching your demo. Understand there is something at that point in your demo that turned off the employer or failed to keep their interest. Edit accordingly.

The caveat to hosting on YouTube…

Don’t send employers to a YouTube page because YouTube will suggest other videos the employer might like.

Those could include demos from other sportscasters who the employer might like more than you.

Instead, take the embed code that YouTube provides for each video and embed it on your own website or STAA Talent Page. Now folks can watch your awesome demo without the distraction of other visual traffic.

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