DeBoer to handle CSU broadcasts while pursuing MBA

DeBoer-William(June 25, 2014) When STAA client William DeBoer graduated from Hope College last month, he thought that would be the end of his academic studies. However, a change in plans will have DeBoer hitting the books to prepare for broadcasts and classes. DeBoer has accepted a graduate assistantship at Columbus State University in Georgia.

“Thank you very much for all your help in pursuing this position. It’s hard to believe it was only three weeks ago I joined STAA,” says DeBoer.

The similarity between DeBoer’s upcoming role at CSU and the one he filled while at his alma mater makes this a comfortable job to step into, while also allowing room for new experiences. “I’m especially excited to learn play-by-play for some non-traditional sports, like soccer and volleyball,” DeBoer smiles.

“I never really considered going after a Masters (I have about a week to prepare for the GRE), but the offer at CSU was too good to pass up. Having an advanced degree certainly can’t hurt in the working world, though, and it may help me get a job someplace where they need me to do more than just broadcasting.”

“The more I thought about it, the better the gig sounded. And when they called me, they said it would be more play-by-play-based than I originally thought.”

DeBoer is opting to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration while broadcasting for CSU. “I have always been interested in government and politics; Political Science was my second major at Hope. An MPA will give me more opportunities if I eventually decide to move into that line of work.”

Before moving south to Georgia, DeBoer will finish up the summer as the broadcasting intern for the DuPage County Hounds in Illinois.

(Visit William’s personal website).

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