New Austin Bruins voice Koier takes mic from the diamond to the ice

After two and-a-half years broadcasting baseball, David Koier is taking his mic to the ice. An STAA member, Koier is the new Director of Broadcasting and Media for the Austin Burins of the NAHL. Koier posted in the STAA Member Community, “”I’m so excited to not only be back in a full time broadcasting role, but with an established organization with an impressive broadcasting pedigree.”

STAA shared the Bruins opening with members in early May, after the team asked STAA for assistance. Besides broadcasting, Koier will be responsible for driving creative content, enhancing the team’s branding, and showcasing the talent and stories of Bruins players.

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It’s a great opportunity for Koier, who resigned in January from a director of ticket sales and media position with summer collegiate baseball’s Lakeshore Chinooks. Though Koier kept busy, he didn’t feel like he was making progress. “I freelanced for many schools in southeastern Wisconsin (and even the University of Chicago) but aside from that, didn’t feel like I was taking any steps in the right direction career wise.

“For the past two months, I’ve been working part-time at Starbucks and constantly cold contacting teams looking to fill their broadcasting needs. The responses were mixed, but felt like I was in a good spot and was confident that I was headed in the right direction.”

Koier has undergrad and Masters degrees from Western Illinois University. He joined STAA in 2021. In fact, Koier tips his cap to a fellow STAA member for helping him with his Bruins application. “I have to give my thanks to my friend, fellow STAA member and former Bruins voice TJ Chillot for his help and guidance throughout this process!”

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