How you can cultivate career inspiration

Each June, dozens of sports broadcasters leave STAA’s annual One Day Ticket to Sportscasting Success seminar brimming over with enthusiasm about their careers. Everything they ever wanted to achieve seems possible. Unfortunately, for many attendees, the enthusiasm dissipates over time until eventually it is gone.

career motivation

Here’s the key: Inspiration is like bathing. You need to do it every day in order for it to have an impact.

You can find motivational input for your sportscasting career in many places. Here are some of my favorites:


Here are some of my favorite books for sportscasters.


Say The Damn Score by Logan Anderson

Sportscaster Life by Alex Rawnsley

Jason Barrett’s Sports Media Blog


The Podcast About Sports Radio
Hosted by Zach McCrite. Recent guests include Cody Stoots (KILT), Lachlan McLean (ESPN Louisville), and Tim Benz (DK Sports Radio).

Say The Damn Score
Hosted by Logan Anderson. Recent guests include Wes Durham (Atlanta Falcons), John Thayer (USD WBB), and Tony Castricone (Clemson MBB).

The Voice Behind The Voice
Hosted by Sean Aronson. Recent guests include Jeff Culhane (NDSU), Ryan Lefebvre (Kansas City Royals), and Greg Sharpe (University of Nebraska).

Hosted by Joel Godett. Recent guests include Wayne Larrivee (Green Bay Packers), Adam Amin (ESPN), and Bill Hillgrove (Pittsburgh Steelers).


Bite-sized interviews with top sportscasting talent and employers.


Talking to people who are already where you want to be is a great source of inspiration. Reach out to one of your contacts and start a conversation.

Keeping yourself inspired every day will help you achieve things in your sportscasting career that you never thought possible.

Where do you find your career inspiration? I would love to know. Please share yours in the space below.

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