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color palette-2013

.orange { color: #ff7f24; }
.darkbl { color: #124475; }
.medbl { color: #364c78; }
.lightbl { color: #82a6ef; }
.ice { color: #c3d5f7; }






h1 tag sample

Page titles

h2 tag sample


h3 tag sample

Third-level titles

.style21 {font-size: 20px}
.style22 {font-size: 18px}

Pay special attention to some of the classes in the Talent Page section of the style sheet. I know I built in some special ul tag classes to make building Talent Pages easier.

I have been using an unordered list (ul) to for anything on a resume that is a list, even if the original resume doesn’t contain any bullets. You know those line break spacing issues we had when switching Talent Pages over to the new template on Friday? That’s why I switched to lists for all that kind of info, the ul tag auto formats based on the width of a page, so you don’t have those hard coded line break issues. { margin-left: 1em; } { list-style-type: none; }
ul.list-square { list-style-type: square; }
ul.list-circle { list-style-type: circle; }

Bulleted List on Talent Pages

  • Co-Host of Sports Wrap, a 30-minute weekly sports magazine.

Do not put it within a paragraph tag. The unordered list is set to have a zero top margin by default, so the style=margin-top portion is unnecessary. The default ul tag also has margin-bottom to mimic the effect of a paragraph.

The code to right align dates is:

That makes sure all the dates are always aligned, no matter what weird browser someone may be using.