Crozier’s new sportscasting job combines passion, location

“Brian(November 26, 2013) The city of Effingham, IL, likes to call itself “The Crossroads of Opportunity.” So far, that motto is proving true for one of the city’s newest residents: Brian Crozier. An STAA client, Crozier has accepted the position of Sports Director at the WCRC-WCRA-WHQQ radio cluster in Effingham.

“One of the stations, WHQQ, recently flipped to sports and an on-air position basically opened up thanks to that switch and several other factors,” says Crozier. “I contacted the station and received an interview within a couple days. I was then offered the position about two weeks later and accepted it.”

Crozier will anchor weekday morning sportscasts on WCRC and WCRA, plus programming duties for the newly sports flipped, WHQQ, 98.9 The Game. There will be opportunity for local high school play-by-play, a weekly two-hour sports talk show on Saturdays, and there’s a possibility of adding a one-hour locally focused sports talk show on weekdays.

An additional perk to Crozier’s new job is the location.

“This job is located just less than an hour from where I grew up, and about 90 minutes from Champaign, where I went to college at the University of Illinois. I’ve always hoped to have a chance at a job like this, handling much of the programming for an all-sports station, but to get it so close to home is really exciting. It will be a lot of hard work, but I’m ready and thrilled for this opportunity.”

Crozier most recently worked at KBUR-AM in Burlington, IA. The transition to a new employer didn’t happen as quickly as Crozier might have liked. As always, patience is one of the highest virtues when conducting a job hunt.

“It can be frustrating looking for a job, and you may not get the job when you want it, but in the end something will work out. You can’t get the job if you don’t apply,” Crozier says.

Having someone in your corner, cheering you on, is another thing that can help you work through a challenging job search.

“Thank you [to STAA CEO]Jon Chelesnik for all your assistance and advice! I’m guessing that handling my frustration a few months ago was not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but it was nice to have someone to talk to that’s been through it before”

(Visit Brian’s STAA Talent Page).

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