How to kill your cover letter

There is a common mistake that many people make in their cover letter than can instantly kill their sports broadcasting job application. I’m reminded of it by the following message from an employer who had recently hired a play-by-play broadcaster for his university.

“A friendly reminder to all job applicants: Please include something, ANYTHING, on why they would either like to work for me, or for [our university]. It is staggering, and disconcerting, how many applications I have received which don’t do that.”

Customize your letters

Form letters are obvious to employers and the lack of effort it takes to submit one is sure to leave the impression you are lazy.

Instead, spend 15 minutes researching the company and the person you are contacting, then devote one or two sentences to explaining your interest in the position. Don’t go overboard. Just do enough to show you didn’t pick this employer at random.

Be restrained

Don’t lay it on too thick in your opening paragraph.

Refrain from phrases like “dream job.”

Jobs are like wives – there are many with which you could be equally happy. Saying “it would be an honor” to work for the employer is sounds similarly disingenuous. You are applying for a sportscasting job, not a position of royalty.

Phrases like this are also cliché – everyone uses them. Be different. Be better.

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