Cooper Perkins joins Missoula Osprey

STAA member Cooper Perkins is swooping into affiliated baseball as the Voice of the Missoula Osprey.

The Osprey are an affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks and compete in the Pioneer League.

“[It’s a] great opportunity because of the chance to call full games and log raw on-air time in affiliated ball. Also a fantastic front office with a few members owning radio experience and the ability to offer high-level feedback on my work. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the location is in western-half of the country, which makes a little bit easier of a transition for my family and friends to deal with in the short term.”

The California based Perkins is a graduate of USC where he called play-by-play for the campus radio station and Pac-12 Networks Online. Perkins’ also has experience calling summer college ball with the Orange County Riptide and Wisconsin Rapids Rafters.

While he values the resources his STAA membership provides, Perkins cites the career consulting service as crucial to his success.

“I look at my membership as something of a direct line to feedback on all things oriented to my personal brand. Jon Chelesnik serves as an industry expert and a uniquely refined eye for all things sportscasting particularly as they pertain to establishing oneself as an exceptional candidate,” Perkins says.

“I have sought [Jon’s] personal input on items ranging from cover letter writing to web design. With those interactions as evidence, my view of STAA is one that is based on the team’s unique ability to help me continually develop and refine my professional brand and holistic appearance as a candidate for jobs current and future.”

Perkins attributes his current success to relationship building.

“Above all else, I think this was a result of forging genuine, quality rapport with the club’s hiring party. It was an instance where my being a good conversationalist, listening well, and owning a set of interests that is more diverse than just play-by-play and sports served me well.”

(Visit Cooper’s Website).

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