DeBiase eager to create memorable moments in Wyoming

Moments that stand in time. That is where Colton DeBiase’s passion for play-by-play is rooted. “I love hearing the roar of the crowd with the play-by-play announcer responsible for making sure that particular moment stands in time and will play in the ears of fans for decades,” he states.

DeBiase will be creating such moments for sports fans in Gillette, WY. He is following fellow STAA Member Chris Brintle as sports director at Basin Radio Network. Brintle left last month for a TV play-by-play opportunity.

A fun coincidence

DeBiase learned of the opening in an STAA Job Leads email. He applied immediately. “It was a hilarious coincidence when I was first contacted for the position,” DeBiase recalls. “I was at a session with my voice coach when a Wyoming caller ID came across my phone. I felt it was the station, knowing I had applied for the job a few days prior. I answered the phone and it was them. After having a lengthy conversation about the position afterwards with my voice coach, I knew it would be the perfect fit for me. I accepted the job the next day!”

Working for Basin Radio Network means plenty of play-by-play reps for DeBiase. “I will be calling an estimated 120-130 games a year between football, basketball, and baseball. I am very excited to get started improving my craft every day and getting better with each game.”

Always improving

DeBiase was a junior at Point Park University in Pittsburgh when he joined STAA last year. “It has been the best decision I have made so far. I learned so much through STAA about improving my play-by-play skills, preparing for interviews, and using the spot charts and stat sheets STAA provides.”

One area where DeBiase has improved is voice control. “I take great pride in being enthusiastic when I am on the air doing play-by-play. However, when I began doing play-by-play for Point Park basketball games, I was screaming a little too loud when a big play was happening. Through STAA, I learned the importance of still sounding enthusiastic but controlling my voice where I am not screaming.”

Go where the jobs are

Moving from metropolitan Pittsburgh to the open plains of Gillette will be a major change for DeBiase. He appreciates, though, that he has to go where the jobs are. It will be the most significant adjustment of my life,” he states. “However, I could not be more excited about living on my own for the first time and exploring Wyoming. I look forward to exploring Keyhole State Park near Gillette and taking my paddle board on their beautiful lake.

“I knew early on I would have to do whatever it took to reach my goals as a play-by-play broadcaster. Being able to pick the brains of many broadcasters during my time in college, I learned really quickly that I could not be afraid to move if a job came. I am going to miss my family and friends very much. However, I know I will make them proud every time I put that headset on.”

DeBiase also aims to make his new employers proud. “I am so thankful for [Operations Manager] Vic Wright and his staff for believing in me and their commitment to making me a better broadcaster daily.”

And of course, DeBiase wants to create moments that stand in time.

“I love this industry with all my heart. I am honored and humbled knowing I will be driving to Wyoming and knowing I can make my mark by adding more moments to stand in time for the fans that will tune into our broadcasts!”

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