Coleman to broadcast Gems baseball

Mike Coleman(December 6, 2012) Job applications can sometimes become a networking tool — you may not get the position you apply for, but that employer might know someone else that is hiring. STAA client Mike Coleman was fortunate to find that to be the truth. Coleman is the new play-by-play voice of the Klamath Falls Gems of the West Coast League.

After four years of high school play-by-play in Michigan, Coleman felt he was ready for a bigger challenge. He applied for a job opening with a different team on the STAA job forum. Coleman didn’t get the first job, but the GM of that team forwarded his application to Grant Wilson, the Gems GM.

“Grant contacted me, thought my audio demos and experience adequate, and offered me the play-by-play for both home and road games of their 54 game season,” Coleman explains.

“The Gems carry all their games on the local AM radio sports station, which is exciting for me, as all my previous play-by-play experience has been Internet broadcasting only.”

Coleman is excited about more than just the opportunity to be heard over the radio airwaves.

“Having the chance to take a ‘step up’ so to speak, and be an asset within an organization and league that is all about development on so many levels seemed like a good fit. The increased schedule load of calling a longer season allows me to hone my skills and gain valuable experience.”

Though he appreciates how his Talent Page condenses resume, demo, and writing samples into one link for easy email applications, Coleman says the Talent Page also adds to his branding.

“I also believe having an STAA talent page conveys a professional image, and that you take serious your intentions to market your talents and experience.

“I definitely think having exposure on STAA helped out, so thanks to you,” Coleman says.

“To be able to join an organization like the Gems is humbling and I am extremely grateful and fortunate for the opportunity.”

(Visit Mike’s STAA Talent Page).

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