Jesse Krull

STAA Member
Location: Sioux City, IA
To reach client call STAA:
(949) 648-STAA


KCAU9 Sports Director/Weekend Anchor
Sioux City, Iowa
July 2016 - Present
  • ABC affiliate for the Sioux City market
    • Anchor nightly shows and present highlights or sports reports with an innovative and colorful delivery that captivates the viewer on an interpersonal level.
    • Shoot and assemble highlights for the show in a fast and effective manner, while producing the sports segments and formatting scripts for this specific area of the show.
    • Write, edit and upload stories to the station website along with gaining traffic and engaging the digital viewer through a strong social media presence, specifically utilizing Twitter and Facebook .
    • Schedule and coordinate interviews with Siouxland teams, coaches and players; along with communicating with my coworkers in my department about certain events and games to cover.
Fox Sports North Production Intern
Minneapolis, Minn.
January 2015 - May 2016
  • Television station for professional Minnesota sports teams
    • Performed and executed office duties such as logging music cue sheets from shows using Music Cue, creating DVD copies of shows and organized and constructed media files using iNEWS.
    • Shadowed and assisted multiple jobs, like producer, director, assistant director and technical director before the game, during the game and after the game.
    • Cooperated and communicated with the producers before every show to determine what specific highlights are required for the show and manage those highlights with AVID.
    • Aided and supported the field reporter by grabbing stats for them, creating questions to ask the athletes and/or helping the camera operator with multiple tasks like microphone operations and white balancing.
Star Tribune Sports Hub Reporter
Minneapolis, Minn.
March 2014 - May 2016
  • Reporting outlet for Minnesota High School sports
    • Created and edited over 100 stories to provide professional insight on specific sporting events for the Star Tribune Sports Hubs.
    • Tweeted and went Facebook live from games on the Sports Hubs accounts, communicates with the fans on social media, who are unable to watch the contest.
    • Contacted and communicated with coaches and players before and after games to establish a professional friendship and arrange interviews for the article.
    • Commented and provided information live from the event so the reader feels involved at the game and understands the actions that are taking place between both teams.
Chief Video Editor/Sports Editor for TommieMedia
St. Paul, Minn.
September 2012 - May 2016
  • University of St. Thomas Student News Source
    • Covered and wrote in depth stories on sports teams competing at St. Thomas to let the reader enjoy an engaging and entertaining story.
    • Filmed and edited stories effectively using iMovie and Avid, which presents TommieMedia with excellent video stories that will bolster the sites traffic.
    • Created and submitted intriguing story ideas every week, which offers TommieMedia options to maintain the site with fresh, exciting, and newsworthy material.
    • Hosted and composed scripts for the Locker Room, a live studio sports show where coaches and athletes discuss certain topics, which demonstrates abilities to be versatile in front and behind the microphone.
WCCO-TV Sports Intern
Minneapolis, Minn.
February 2015-May 2015
  • CBS affiliate for the Minneapolis market
    • Constructed and composed practice package scripts about sport stories that were filmed that day with feedback coming from the sports reporters, which increases the knowledge and skills it takes to write a sports package script.
    • Assembled and took down equipment such as cameras, microphones, monitors, and lights; before and after every interview, live shot and sporting event.
    • Effectively communicated with reporters and photographers about the story they were assigned, which built a strong trustworthy relationship and created team chemistry amongst the sports department.
    • Assisted and supported the sports anchors by logging notes of big plays from a sporting event that were on the television and assured the producer had the highlights for the newscast that night.


University of St. Thomas
Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism
St. Paul, Minn.
  • Major Classes Studied: Communication and Journalism, Creative Writing, Regular and Advanced Multimedia Reporting, Radio Production, Communication Ethics, Interpersonal Communication