The clever line that got one guy an NBA radio job

Many years ago, a college basketball and minor league baseball broadcaster learned that an NBA team was seeking a new radio voice. He quickly assembled his demo and resume package and sent it off to the team. Days later, he received a reply, “Thank you, but the application period has closed and we’re already down to our finalists.”

nba radio job

At this point, what would you do if you were this broadcaster?

Most folks would regret that they hadn’t heard about the opening sooner and move on. Not this guy, though. This broadcaster had great self-confidence and motivation. He called the team’s General Manager. The conversation went something like this…

Job Seeker: This is [Name]. Last week I sent my demo to you regarding your team’s play-by-play position. You replied that you were no longer accepting applications.

GM: Yes, that’s right. The application period closed last Wednesday. We’ve already chosen our four finalists.

It was at this point that the job seeker delivered a classic line…

Job Seeker: If I were a 7’9 center would you look at me?

GM: Yes, I’m always looking for the best players.

Job Seeker: Then why wouldn’t you also be looking for the best broadcaster?

The team’s final four became the final five, and this aggressive, creative job seeker ended up getting the gig.

The sports broadcasting job market isn’t about talent alone. It’s also largely about making yourself memorable.

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