Chambers joins Cincinnati’s Fan

Will Chambers(March 14, 2013) A new sports station in Cincinnati means a new opportunity for Will Chambers. An STAA client, Chambers has been hired as anchor and co-host on “Tom Gamble on Sports,” the Morning Drive show on Cincinnati’s new CBS Sports Radio affiliate FM 100 The Fan.

Chambers is excited for the opportunity and the exposure it brings to his career. “I’ve learned that having a familiar name means a lot when you’re trying to move up because of how many up and coming broadcasters are out there,” says Chambers. “This is a chance for me to work with a great company and a friend that I respect and enjoy working with on the air.”

The opportunity came to Chambers through networking. “I had a connection through a friend to station GM Doug Spak and that’s really how it started,” says Chambers. “I learned my former colleague and friend Tom Gamble was hosting the morning show, so I reached out to him.”

Chambers first met Gamble several years ago when he was hired to produce Gamble’s radio show.

“Tom is a character,” Chambers grins. “He’s insightful and funny and brings a variety of topics to the table. You could listen and hear us talking about the Reds rotation or Duck Dynasty or bad driving. We’re here to entertain, not to break down the Bengals depth chart.”

A 2010 graduate of Northern Kentucky University, Chambers has been working largely in play-by-play since earning his diploma. He has been an STAA client since March 2010.

“[STAA] gives you tools to succeed. End of story,” Chambers says. “If you want to become better at your craft, STAA provides insights and tools you may not have thought of coming up on your own. And let’s be honest, none of us took play-by-play 101 in college. Most of you are like me in that we have all learned to do this completely on our own. Being given insight in how to do it better, or differently, is totally invaluable.”

Now Chambers is taking what he has learned into a Top 30 market.

“I’m thrilled to be working with these guys. The experience and talent they possess is incredible, but even more they’re great people. It’s been great working with them.”

(Visit Will’s STAA Talent Page).

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