Is Your Sportscasting Resume Carrying Fluff?

Years ago I played a night of pickup basketball with Danny Ainge. He was the best player on the floor even though he had been retired for decades.

Unfortunately, just because I once played ball with Danny Ainge doesn’t make me an NBA-caliber player.

Many sportscasters regularly make that same kind of inference on their resume. Here’s the problem:
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Keep Your Demo Reel Updated… Or This Might Happen

There is a common demo reel mistake that can kill your big break when it finally comes your way.

An STAA member granted permission to share this story with you about the price he paid for not keeping his reel updated.

Here it is in his words . . .
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How To Stay Positive During a Job Search

A sports talk host once called me because they were considering quitting. They had introduced themselves to the right people. They had built relationships. They had improved their craft. Yet, they were repeatedly frustrated in their attempt to move to a larger market.

During our call, I reminded the person that the people who get to the top in sports broadcasting aren’t always the most talented. They are the ones who persevered. Four months later, this person was hired in a large market as a host and programming assistant. They went from doing a daily show as a part-time employee and barely making any money to full-time host in a large market, full-time salary and benefits.

They earned their dream job because they stuck with it.
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What to do when you don’t meet minimum requirements

Your perfect next job just opened. The responsibilities fit your strengths; it’s at a station for which you want to work in a market where you want to live…

The catch is that you don’t meet the minimum experience outlined in the position description.

Do you apply anyway?
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How Do You Land Your First Sportscasting Job?

Graduation is less than two months away for many college seniors.

The pressure dial to enter the “real world” is at maximum. You’re probably feeling the weight right now. Fortunately, there are four smart strategies that will help you land your first sports broadcasting job.
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