Tricks For Finding Sports Broadcasting Employer Email Addresses

man writing an email

In play-by-play, the giveaway that a broadcaster is ill prepared is when they consistently hesitate to identify players. In the sportscasting job market, the giveaway that someone is insufficiently motivated is complaining that they can’t find an employers contact information.

How do you find email addresses for sports broadcasting employers and executives?
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Advice For Landing A DI Play-by-Play Job

If you were starving and needing to catch a fish, would you fish in a lake that has more than 200 fish, or would you fish in a lake with just one fish?

Unfortunately, trying to land a Division I football/basketball play-by-play job is like fishing in a lake with one fish and hundreds of people trying to catch it. One company, Learfield IMG College, manages most of the schools.

You must accept that looking for a DI play-by-play job is a process that is largely out of your control.
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Do’s and Don’ts For Following Up Your Sportscasting Job Applications

A sports broadcaster in California applied for a job in-state. He didn’t anything from the employer for a couple weeks so he sent a follow up. He mentioned that one reason for applying was that he and his family regularly vacationed in this community. He finally heard from the employer two weeks later, set up an interview, and got the job.

He won with polite persistence.

These do’s and don’ts will help you create a strategy for following up your sports broadcasting job applications.
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When You Know There’s An Unpublished Job Open…

A minor league baseball broadcaster was fired up when a job with a great organization in his home state opened. He knew it was open before it was public knowledge.

What he didn’t know is if he should wait for the team to publish a position description before applying.

Never wait!
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Sportscasting Job Market Anxiety? 3 Keys to Staying Patient

Every time STAA works with Learfield Sports to fill a play-by-play opening, I invariably hear from at least three people who are stunned that they didn’t get an interview. Some of that comes from entitlement or ego but much of it is rooted in impatience.

Here are three keys to help you stay patient in the sports broadcasting job market.
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