What to do when you don’t meet minimum requirements

Your perfect next job just opened. The responsibilities fit your strengths; it’s at a station for which you want to work in a market where you want to live…

The catch is that you don’t meet the minimum experience outlined in the position description.

Do you apply anyway?
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How Do You Land Your First Sportscasting Job?

Graduation is less than two months away for many college seniors.

The pressure dial to enter the “real world” is at maximum. You’re probably feeling the weight right now. Fortunately, there are four smart strategies that will help you land your first sports broadcasting job.
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Two keys for advancing employer conversations

When you were in high school, was there ever someone you wanted to ask on a date? You might have waited for weeks for the opportunity to get their attention. When the moment finally arrived you were thrilled, nervous and anxious. This was your moment, your one shot.

Now what?
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How to pull demo segments from a video stream

Many play-by-play broadcasters who are doing Webcasts get frustrated when they go to the online archive of their broadcast only to find they can’t download the video. They wonder, “how can I put this broadcast on my demo?”

The answer is easy. Not necessarily inexpensive, but worth it.
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Is your Webstream play-by-play a radio or TV demo?

Many play-by-play announcers broadcast their games on video Webstreams. If there’s only a single camera, some broadcasters will lean towards doing a radio call. Because there’s a picture, others will use more of a TV style.

Do you then use that game on your radio demo or your TV demo?
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The best time to send a recommendation letter to an employer

Longtime followers of STAA may have heard the story of how I applied for the University of Kentucky play-by-play job. I was 24 and working in Kansas as the voice of McPherson High School. The Bullpups had won the state basketball title in each of my first two years at the mike.

With those credentials, UK wouldn’t be able to tell me no.
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