Minor League Baseball Is The Road To Network Broadcasts . . . For Some

A small market TV sports director asked me if minor league baseball is the fastest way to network TV play-by-play for all sports.

Joe Davis and Adam Amin are fabulous TV broadcasters who started their careers in minor league baseball. From their examples, though, many young broadcasters now believe that minor league baseball is the best way to network TV play-by-play.

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Are You Ready To Make A Major Market Move?

My favorite Whitney Houston song is How Will I Know. I had the cassette in college and listened to it often. I mention it because someone asked me, “How will I know when it’s time to go to a major market?”

They then rephrased the question like this, “Is it better to be freelancing and looking for opportunities while living in my desired market, or should I stay where I am and tough it out while pursuing other opportunities?
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Receiving Negative Feedback From a Critique

Early in my sportscasting career I sent my demo to a mentor. It was under the guise of wanting feedback but really I wanted praise.

I was crushed when I didn’t get it.

How do you respond when you get negative feedback about your work?
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Push your sportscasting career forward with this skill

A frustrated job seeker asked me what else he could be doing in the job market. I asked him, what have you already done?

I was stunned by what I learned.

The first thing this frustrated job seeker told me was that employers don’t recognize his greatness. “It’s their fault I’m not getting hired.”
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How To Collect $$ Owed to You by an Employer

A sportscaster I know was recently distraught because an employer for whom he’d done some freelance play-by-play broadcasts still hadn’t paid him.

These two magic wand tricks for collecting money work almost without fail.
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5 Ways To Make A Great First Impression In A New Workplace

Day One at my first radio job after college was nerve-wracking. I was a San Diego kid in a small Kansas town and I was less than six months out of school. I worried that my new co-workers would see me as an inexperienced outsider.

Here are five things you can do to quickly endear yourself to new co-workers.
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