Inspiration to Fuel Sportscasting Career Success

When STAA hosted our annual One-Day Ticket to Sportscasting Success seminars, I would hear from attendees who would leave fired up and optimistic about their careers. They would hang on to that inspiration for several days, but their excitement and enthusiasm would eventually wane. That’s because – you’ve heard me say this time and again – motivation is like bathing: you have to seek it every day because it wears off.

Here are some ways to seek daily motivation and inspiration.


There is a plethora of personal growth books and biographies about people overcoming challenges and achieving success. These all have great value. Choose something that resonates with you and read.


I love videos about people’s accomplishments, perseverance, determination, and triumphs.

TV Shows

The businessman in me loves watching Shark Tank. I get a lot of ideas from that show and also from The Profit on CNBC.

Find shows that resonate with you and keep you motivated.


Watch documentaries that get you fired up or lend insight into the mindset behind accomplishment and achievement.


I especially lean on movies to improve my mental toughness. For example, when I watch The Junction Boys and see what Bear Bryant put those Texas A&M players through, I feel more capable of handling my workout, even if it’s a little painful or tiring.

Podcasts, Blogs and More

Wherever you find inspiration, partake in it for 15 minutes a day and you’ll find yourself taking a huge step ahead.

More important than working on your career is working on your self.

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