What to do when your career isn’t unfolding as planned

There is a veteran play-by-play broadcaster in the Midwest. We’ll call him Scott Cameron. Cameron was very excited to learn that three NCAA Division I football and basketball play-by-play jobs were opening. He had honed his craft, built his resume, and paid his dues.


When the time came to apply, Cameron did so with great enthusiasm, excitement, anticipation and optimism. He followed the application instructions perfectly and followed up creatively with the employers. He felt confident he would at least get an interview.

Six weeks later, Cameron was crushed to learn he didn’t even make the top 20 for any of the three schools. He didn’t attend any of the three, he didn’t have ties to the conferences, he didn’t live near any of the schools – for whatever reason, he wasn’t the right fit. He had done everything right in his career but didn’t even get a look.

Scott Cameron’s story is a common one in the play-by-play job market.

[Tweet “Find happiness, fulfillment and contentment by always doing your best at whatever you are doing.”]

There are certainly things you can do to enhance your chances for getting a Division I play-by-play job. I wrote about them in 5 Keys To Landing a Major College Play-by-Play Job. However, doing all the right things still doesn’t guarantee you will ever achieve your goal.

As we get older, we sometimes realize that we have to change our goals. The great news is that we can still find happiness.

Instead of regretting what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have. By taking pride in always doing your best at whatever it is you are doing, you will find happiness, fulfillment and contentment.

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