Career audible leads St. Jean to WAGM-TV in Maine

“Matt(July 6, 2018) After working in politics, for a military non-profit and in advertising, Matt St. Jean looked at where his path might lead several years down the road. He didn’t like what he saw so St. Jean enrolled at Syracuse intent on pursuing his sportscasting dream. Now he has his first TV job. St. Jean is joining WAGM in Presque Isle, ME as a sports reporter/news anchor.

“Ever since I was in college I wanted to work in sports broadcasting. Then life happened, but every experience led to where I am today and for that I am grateful,” he says.

After graduating from Rollins College, St. Jean went to work in Washington, D.C. in Senator Scott Brown’s office. St. Jean later decided to leave Capital Hill and worked three years as an event coordinator for a military non-profit. That was followed by two years in advertising in Boston. That is when he decided to pivot to sportscasting.

“I applied to three schools, got into Syracuse, had a wonderful year getting my [Masters] degree and now the journey begins,” St. Jean grins.

By the time St. Jean received the WAGM opening in an STAA job leads email, he had already learned of the position through a recruiter at Gray Television. “After having a discussion with the recruiter, I decided to put my hat in the ring for the position,” St. Jean said. “I spoke with the news and sports directors on the phone and a few short hours later, the offer letter was in my inbox.”

WAGM provides St. Jean with growth opportunities professionally and personally. “I have never lived anywhere but big cities (Boston, Washington, D.C., Orlando), so getting to experience and live in more of a rural community should provide a different perspective on life and sports.”

(Visit Matt’s STAA Talent Page).

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