Help! 3 strategies for When You Can’t See the Jersey Numbers

Years ago, I broadcast a high school football game in the worst conditions imaginable for a broadcaster.

Dense, impossible to see through fog.

At kickoff, the fog was hanging threateningly low over the field. By the second half, I couldn’t see fans sitting five rows in front of the press box, much less the field or even the sidelines.

I was reminded of this experience after receiving the following question:

“How do you handle a team with brutal uniform numbers, or uniforms without numbers and names that can be seen or read – especially with poor sight lines or tough light like at a football game?”

Here are three tips for coping with hard to see jersey numbers:

1. Study personnel packages

Knowing which players are likely to be on the field in certain situations helps player identification. The skill position players on offense are often different on first and ten than on third and seven.

2. Watch body types instead of numbers

YouTube makes it easier to study players so you recognize them by sight. Even if you can’t see the number on the tall, lanky receiver split to the far side, you still know who it is.

3. Listen to the PA announcer

You should do this anyway. I’ve always advocated one-ear headphones where you keep one side of your headset behind your ear so you can hear ambient sound like the public address announcer. He will often identify players before you do.

If all that fails and you still don’t know who the players are… guess!

How do you handle hard-to-see jersey numbers?