Burggraaf named Sports Director in Wray, CO

“Caleb(June 19, 2017) The people who go farthest in sportscasting aren’t always the most talented. They are the ones who stick with it through inevitable hardships. Caleb Burggraaf exemplifies that determination. An STAA member, Burggraaf is the new Sports Director at KRDZ Radio in Wray, CO.

In the six years since his graduation from Colorado Mesa University, Burggraaf’s career has been highlighted by twists and turns. He’s worked for small market stations in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming and spent time outside the industry. His determination, though, never wavered. Sportscasting is what Burggraaf has wanted to do since early in high school. The work ethic he inherited from his father has kept him going.

“My father has instilled in me a work ethic that you push yourself and don’t let other people determine when you are done. I have had plenty of doubters and naysayers in the past, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to give up on a dream. I don’t think I can look at myself, much less others, including the kids whose games I broadcast, and say ‘keep going’ if I didn’t do so myself.”

Burggraaf learned of the KRDZ opportunity through STAA. It wasn’t the first time he’d applied with the station.

“The job is one I actually interviewed for several years ago, but came just short of getting. I made the top three candidates.”

Burggraaf spent the past two and a half years at My Local Radio in Wyoming. The chance to learn advertising sales is one of the things that attracted him to Wray.

“Sales is one of the few places where I feel my resume is weak.”

Burggraaf has been in the job market when he’s been unemployed and when he’s had work. He much prefers the latter.

“[Already being employed] allowed me to search without the pressure of needing a job just to keep eating. It gave me time to think about what job I wanted to look for.”

(Visit Caleb’s STAA Talent Page).

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