Bull riding experience helps Brintle land Wyoming job

“Chris(July 28, 2014) Chris Brintle never had any idea that his experience riding bulls would ever help him land a sportscasting job. It has, though. An STAA client, Brintle has been hired as Sports Director at the Basin Radio Network in Gillette, WY.

When the position opened Basin Radio General Manager Don Clonch asked STAA for recommendations. He mentioned that rodeo is huge in Wyoming, so if he could find someone with knowledge of the sport, it would be a big bonus.

“I didn’t know of any clients who had rodeo knowledge, but I knew Chris Brintle was otherwise a good fit for the position,” says STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik. “I sent Chris’ Talent Page to Don and to Basin Radio’s owner, then I called Chris to gauge his interest. When I mentioned that rodeo was part of the job, he told me he had quite a bit of experience riding bulls. At that point, I felt pretty good about his chances of getting the job!”

“Bull Riding was my life for nearly a decade, so rodeo being the ice breaker towards getting this job was special to me,” says Brintle.

The entire hiring process, from the time Basin Radio contacted STAA to the time Brintle accepted the position, took less than three weeks.

“Simply put, I would not have a job yet if it weren’t for me joining STAA. From day one I received helpful tips and ways to improve every single aspect of finding employment. I was borderline clueless before joining STAA. I bothered Jon all the time and always received detailed responses in a very short amount of time. The whole team was great!

“I can’t say enough about the STAA family that I am proud to be a part of. Just look at my results. I joined in May and found work in July due to their efforts in helping me. For that I am truly grateful for STAA!”

The Midwest lifestyle is a great fit for Brintle. He is a native of Kansas and recently graduated from Oklahoma State University. Now, he’s eager to start a new chapter of his life in The Cowboy State and to make his mark in the city of Gillette.

“When the dust settles the people in the community is really what the radio business is all about. So I want to do everything I can to help in the community.”

(Visit Chris’ STAA Talent Page).

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