Boylan moving from college to TV booth

Pat Boylan(May 3 2013) Pat Boylan’s goal is to do television play-by-play, and in his first job, he’s going to hit the ground running. An STAA client, Boylan is going to work for the BEK Sports Network in Bismarck, ND.

“I’ll be doing over 100 television play-by-play games in the Bismarck area for a TV station that anyone who has cable in the area receives,” says Boylan, who graduates this month from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. “The offer was one I couldn’t turn down. It’s a rare opportunity to do a lot of TV play-by-play right out of school.

“My goal is to be in play-by-play, and ultimately television play-by-play. The opportunity to do potentially 100 plus TV games a year, right out of school and for multiple sports, will really help me continue to master my craft.”

While at Ball State, Boylan has gained considerable radio, TV and video play-by-play experience broadcasting Ball State University football and basketball. He has also served internships at two Indianapolis TV stations.

Last year, Boylan was the 10th-ranked collegiate sports broadcaster in the country in STAA’s annual All-America program. He has been an STAA client since June 2012. “STAA has helped me learn all the essentials in applying for jobs,” Boylan says. “I’m confident that, because of STAA, my application to jobs went from good to great.”

As is often the case in the job market, Boylan’s new opportunity came about through networking. “I had a buddy who was a senior when I was a freshman at Ball State. He had the job out of school and was key in helping me land this one.”

Besides networking, Boylan’s advice to other young sportscasting job seekers is to never say no to opportunity. “Immerse yourself in every opportunity you can. Even if you think you won’t benefit from an opportunity, you never know when it could help you down the road. I know that’s happened for me.”

(Visit Pat’s STAA Talent Page).

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