(This page is built on template-custom)

Problems? Disable automatic paragraphs


The template-custom is not connected to Bootstrap. Bootstrap code for the grid system with the “container” class, checkboxes (checks) and radios, div classes row and col working together to make columns all don’t work. And WP is auto-deleting paragraph tags.

What’s next

1. Add Bootstrap CSS to the template-custon header
No header of that name exists, so I added the two lines of Bootstrap code to the head.php file. It didn’t work. Either I installed the code in the wrong place in the file, or that file’s tag isn’t for the template-custom. I then removed the Bootstrap code from the head.php file. HOWEVER . . . there IS a file titled template-custom.php. The WP Appearance Theme File Editor says this is the Custom Template Page Template. I couldn’t figure stuff out with it, though.

I also tried adding a Bootstrap code that Bard suggested to the functions.php file. That also didn’t work, so I removed the code.

2. Create a Bootstrap template
Go here for instructions on how to create a new template: https://wordpress.com/go/web-design/how-to-create-wordpress-page-template/ Scroll down the page to To Create a New Template.
Get JayBird’s at https://github.com/codingwithjaybird/Bootstrap5-Introduction

You created a template-bootstrap.php file but it doesn’t show up in WP’s template drop down menu. Perhaps you still need to create related css, head and header files.