Treat coaches as individuals

University of Virginia voice, Dave Koehn, says the best way to handle coach-broadcaster relationships is to be yourself and get to know every coach as an individual.

Finding a new angle

Zach McCrite, 101 ESPN St. Louis sports talk host, discusses his process for finding new and interesting angles to entertain the listening audience.

Making the listener part of the game

Wes Durham, radio voice of the Atlanta Falcons, reminds sportscasters to be more descriptive and locate the action for the listeners – don’t fall into the trap of using television description on a radio broadcast!

There’s no substitute for live reps

Chicago Bulls voice, Chuck Swirsky, considers the best path to landing an NBA job. Swirsky recommends calling as many live games as possible, with whatever resources you have available.

Expand your skills beyond broadcasting

Dave Koehn, voice of the University of Virginia, advises young broadcasters to be willing to perform tasks not related to sportscasting in order earn on-air time. Diversify your skill set.