4 Tips For Winning Your Job Interview

man shakes hands with manager

A radio station employer in Michigan was looking for a new Sports Director. Following a phone interview with a candidate in South Dakota, the employer thought he might have found his guy. He brought him to Michigan for a second, informal interview over dinner.

That’s when things fell apart.
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Tricks For Finding Sports Broadcasting Employer Email Addresses

man writing an email

In play-by-play, the giveaway that a broadcaster is ill prepared is when they consistently hesitate to identify players. In the sportscasting job market, the giveaway that someone is insufficiently motivated is complaining that they can’t find an employers contact information.

How do you find email addresses for sports broadcasting employers and executives?
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The Best Path To An NHL Play-by-Play Job

hockey fans watching at the rink

A hockey play-by-play broadcaster asks, “What’s the best path to the NHL?”

If you ask 10 NHL broadcasters how they got there, you will get 10 different answers.

The critical question to ask yourself is: do I want to do radio or television?
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How To Master Your Voice As An Instrument

Vin Scully could have made as much money reading bedtime stories as doing play-by-play. If you’ve never heard the former Dodger great, go online and listen. Note how beautifully he used his voice as an instrument.

It’s the single most difficult aspect of sports broadcasting to master.

These three tips will help you master your voice as an instrument.
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14 Must-Have Items For Your Play-by-Play Kit

In the old days, doctors made house calls. They brought with them a black kit filled with the essentials for the job — things like stethoscopes, syringes and bandages.

Play-by play broadcasters should also take a kit to work every day.

Here are 14 tools that should be in your play-by-play kit . . .
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Three Tips For Fresh Broadcasts Through A Long Season

It’s the middle of your play-by-play season and you’re feeling the grind to find new things to say about your team and the players on it.

What do you do?

A baseball broadcaster told me, “I find myself struggling to mix things up on an everyday basis. I feel like I’ve already said everything there is to say about a player or team. There’s always talking to the players before each game, but it becomes a struggle to talk to every single player and memorize all that information for the broadcast.”
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