The Best Sportscasting Job You’ll Have

When I was in my first sportscasting job in McPherson, KS, I let my car run out of oil. I was making $18,000 a-year; I couldn’t pay to get it fixed out of my salary. I had to use the money I received for health insurance, then pray I didn’t hurt myself.

Minuscule salaries are one thing we hate about entry-level sports broadcasting jobs. But I want to share with you two reasons why your first job might be the best sportscasting job you’ll ever have.

1. You’re getting paid to learn

It’s the opposite of college. You pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend school to be taught how to be a broadcaster. When you get your job in McPherson, KS, you’re getting paid to hone what they taught you on campus and learn everything they didn’t teach you. Be grateful.

2. You can make mistakes that might get you fired elsewhere

I did a ton of stupid stuff on the air. Once, I was doing a newscast and had fun with the name of a local resident. It was stupid. When I look back at it now with the wisdom of age, I’m embarrassed for myself. That mistake would have got me fired in a lot of markets. I was able to get away with it in McPherson.

Being able to make mistakes that would get you fired at subsequent jobs is another reason to embrace that first job.

We are all in a hurry to move on to that second job because we want to make more money, get to a bigger market and advance our careers. Just remember to enjoy and appreciate your first job while you are in it.

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