Benzegala joins Fort Dodge station as Sports Director

“Alex(December 19, 2017) Last year, Alex Benzegala contacted 50 high schools, volunteering to be their play-by-play broadcaster. He heard back from one. Today, Benzegala has a full-time job that includes play-by-play and more. An STAA member, Benzegala is the News and Sports Director at Alpha Media in Fort Dodge, IA.

“This is a great opportunity to serve my community and live my dream of being a professional broadcaster. To wake up every morning and have the opportunity to provide news to over 30,000 people is a true honor,” he says.

Benzegala’s road to Fort Dodge has been challenging. “I have served as a volunteer broadcaster for much of the last 10 years and have had numerous setbacks and challenges along the way.”

Last December, Benzegala accepted his first professional opportunity, a talk show host and play-by-play position in Kansas. “I experienced health problems right before I was set to start, so I never made it to my dream job,” he says.

Benzegala decided to take a break from broadcasting to focus on his health. He began working in Christian ministry at a boarding school for at-risk youth in Missouri. This fall, he got back into broadcasting as the volunteer voice of a local high school. “I was bringing my students along to the games to broadcast with me and give them experience.”

When Benzegala learned of the Fort Dodge position in an email from STAA, he applied.

“It’s a great opportunity for professional growth for me in my career,” says Benzegala.

“It is my hope that my story of perseverance and never giving up on my dreams can inspire someone to do the same.”

(Visit Alex’s STAA Talent Page).

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