Benway leaves Laredo for network gig

X=Bryan BenwayWithin 96 hours, Bryan Benway experienced the lowest and highest points of the sportscasting job market. Just four days after losing his job in Laredo, TX, Benway accepted an offer to be a sports talk host on Yahoo! Sports Radio Network.

Benway is the second STAA sports talk client hired by Yahoo! Sports Radio since March and the sixth hired by national networks this year. (One has yet to be announced.)

“Never in a million years did I ever think I would go from Laredo, TX to a national network in a span of four days,” says Benway, an STAA client since 2009. He smiles when he adds, “This kind of thing just doesn’t happen this way. I guess the stars aligned and I must have done a good deed for someone and this is my payback.”

Benway’s incredible story started on Thursday, September 29th when he learned he was the victim of downsizing at KLNT 1490, where he been a sports talk show since May 2011. Later that day, Benway informed STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik about the news and asked him to keep an eye open for opportunities. One day later, Chelesnik received a call from Yahoo! Sports Radio PD Craig Larson seeking referrals for a vacant host position on the network. Chelesnik sent the job lead to STAA Premier members, without revealing the identity of the network. Benway was among those who expressed interest.

“The opportunity came about so fast. I literally e-mailed my interest to Jon about this job on Friday, and on Monday morning I was talking to Mr. Larson about coming on board,” Benway says. “I have never been involved in a process that was as fluid and quick as this one.

“This is a great opportunity for me for several reasons. First, I get to have national exposure with a national audience every time I’m on the air. Second, I will get to learn from some of the most experienced and best national hosts, producers and executives in the country. I can’t think of a better opportunity to get.

“I’m still pinching myself thinking that I must be dreaming.”

(Visit Bryan’s STAA Talent Page).

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