Be a better sportscaster with the updated STAA University


We’ve made some changes to STAA University to make it even better.

One-click participation

We’re not using Google Hangouts anymore. There were too many steps to get a class participant into the event.

Now we’re using a video conference set-up where all you have to do is click a link that I send to you in order to participate. No plug-ins, no downloads, no special accounts.

Nothing else, except a webcam and microphone.

More of the classes you want

We’ve experimented a lot over the past year with different class offerings. The ones that were most popular are the ones we’re going to offer in the revised STAA University, but we’re going to offer them several times throughout their season.

For example, we’re going to offer our “Learn NFL Football PBP Techniques” class several times throughout football season on different days and times so everyone who wants to participate can to do so.

Boot Camps are out, classes are in

You’ll notice I’ve been referring to our events as classes. We used to call them Boot Camps. We changed it because we found that a lot of people didn’t realize these were online offerings and not something being held at a physical location.

Plus, once we started STAA University back in January, calling our offerings Boot Camps no longer fit.

Why STAA University

We started STAA University in the first place because it was a void that sportscasters told us they needed filled. So many guys weren’t getting the attention they expected in the job market from employers like Westwood One, Learfield, IMG and even local employers.

They knew their work needed to be better but they didn’t know how to improve it. That’s why we started STAA University and we’re super excited about the new improvements!

The newly renovated STAA University program is going to allow us to give you what you’ve told us you need, in an extremely efficient and easy to access fashion.

You can learn everything about STAA University here.

Our next class, Learn NFL Football PBP Techniques, is August 11th. I hope to see you!

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