Barnes finds perfect career, life fit in Colorado

Brad Barnes(January 14, 2015) Brad Barnes wanted it all and found it in Colorado. An STAA member, Barnes is joining Three Eagles Communications’ four-station cluster in Salida. He will be hosting a daily show on country station KBVC, providing sports coverage and play-by-play for all four stations, and handling some sales.

Salida represents a perfect fit for Barnes, both professionally and personally.

“I wanted to go somewhere where I would get opportunities to focus on the talent side of the industry, and that is what Three Eagles Communications is giving me. Plus, with the sales accounts on the side it will help keep some extra money in my pocket. I’m also thrilled to be in an area where I can continue to do the things I love away from work, like hunt and enjoy the outdoors. This is the opportunity that I have been searching for.”

Barnes moves to the Rocky Mountain state from 101.1 KFNF in Oberlin, KS where he spent the past year and a half as Sports Director. The transition came with the help of friend and fellow STAA member, Three Eagles Sports Director Andrew Stossmeister.

“I met Andrew in my first job in Oberlin when he helped hire me, and after he left we kept in touch. When I was ready for a new challenge, I called Andrew up to see if he knew of anything. They (Three Eagles) were looking to hire another broadcaster, but were not planning to do it until the summer. We had a few conversations, but it seemed like the timing just wasn’t going to work.”

After a change in circumstances, things did work out and Barnes was offered the gig.

“Patience paid off,” Barnes smiles.

Barnes is a Kansas native and a 2013 graduate of Baker University in Baldwin City. A willingness to relocate, and the ability to do a variety of things are two traits that he believes are key to sportscasting job market success.

“I am completely open to moving away from home and experiencing new things. I accept it as a challenge and a new opportunity, and I think that is what you have to do in this field. I also believe that finding a job doing everything under the sun helped me tremendously. I have gained a ton of experience in just a year and a half out of school.

While Barnes found the Salida opportunity on his own, he gives a tip of the cap to STAA for its assistance.

“STAA has been a huge help. First and foremost, the instruction and tips that I have received have been tremendous. Before I was with STAA, I was sending e-mails loaded with attachments to employers. Having the ability to throw a link [to my Talent Page] with all my material at the bottom of an e-mail is worth more than I would have ever imagined.

“STAA has been a huge reason as to why I am where I am.”

(Visit Brad’s STAA Talent Page).

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