How To NOT Sound Like Strother Martin When Asking Friends To Help You In The Sportscasting Job Market

Do you remember the scene in Slap Shot when Strother Martin starts calling other teams because he knows the Chiefs are folding?

Here’s how to utilize your contacts to help you in the job market without sounding desperate like Strother Martin.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help

Ask your friends about potential openings at their station or elsewhere in their market. Ask them to deliver your resume to their boss or put in a phone call on your behalf.

They’re your friends. They’ll want to help.

Stay in contact

Don’t wait until you need water to dig your well. In other words, it’s going to feel awkward if you only contact people when you need something from them.

Stay in touch with them. Be a good friend and contact them periodically. Then it won’t be awkward when you call to ask for help.

Focus on them first

When you do call friends, start by talking about something other than your job search. Ask about them. Pick a topic you were discussing the last time you visited with them. Then get to the purpose of your call.

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