A great example of why you should always broadcast your best

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big advocate of always doing your best, even when you think no one is listening.

Joe DiMaggio always played hard because he never knew when someone might be watching him for the first time. Orlando TV sports anchor Christian Bruey got his job when the station’s news director saw Bruey hosting a show on a community access cable TV station.

Here’s another great story. Former STAA member Brian Jennings spent the week of Thanksgiving 2017 in Hawaii because he brought the DiMaggio approach to his broadcasts.

[Tweet “To build build your sportscasting career, make every game a big game and never say no to opportunity.”]

The previous spring, Jennings was doing freelance broadcasting at the baseball state finals for the Indiana High School Radio Network. “The guy who had the game after me is one of the voices of Purdue football and basketball,” said Jennings. “He was impressed with me I guess.”

Two months later, Jennings received a call from the general manager of the Purdue Radio Network, requesting a sample of Jennings’ basketball play-by-play.

“I sent them my demo and resume links and that was it,” said Jennings.

Jennings broadcasted a Boilermakers’ women’s basketball home game on November 18th. He then flew with the team for a contest at the University of Utah. From there, it was on to Hawaii for games November 24th, 25th and 26th.

“You never know who’s listening that’s for sure,” said Jennings.

In addition to underscoring the value of always doing your best, Jennings’ story is also a reminder to never say no to opportunity.

“It’s amazing what one freelance job can do for other potential jobs,” he grinned.

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