8th Annual STAA All-America Program

The STAA All-America Competition recognizes the most outstanding collegiate radio and TV sports broadcasters. Our mission is to encourage collegiate sportscasters to strive to achieve their best.

Each spring, the nation’s most outstanding collegiate sportscaster is presented the Jim Nantz Award, named in honor of the award winning CBS sports broadcaster.

2015 Jim Nantz Award Winner

2015-gallanty-chelesnik Eric Gallanty, Sr, Syracuse University
Selected as the nation’s most outstanding collegiate sports broadcaster for 2015 by Sportscasters Talent Agency of America.

2015 STAA All-Americans

Tyler Bradfield, Jr, Ball State University
Mike Monaco, Sr, Notre Dame
Andrew Kauffman, Sr, Missouri
Evan Nemec, Sr, University of North Texas
David Fine, Sr, Syracuse

2014 Jim Nantz Award winner Kevin Fitzgerald with a special message for the 2015 winner.

2015 Live Announcement

Top 20

  1. Eric Gallanty (Sr, Syracuse)
  2. Tyler Bradfield (Jr, Ball State University)
  3. Mike Monaco, Sr (Notre Dame)
  4. Andrew Kauffman (Sr, Missouri)
  5. Evan Nemec (Sr, University of North Texas)
  6. David Fine (Sr, Syracuse)
  7. Connor Onion (Ball State, So)
  8. Charlie Walter (Ohio University, Sr)
  9. Julian Coltre (Hofstra, Sr)
  10. Mia O’Brien (Ithaca, Sr)
  11. Brendan Glasheen (Syracuse, Sr)
  12. Jay Alter (Syracuse, Jr)
  13. Evan Weston (Syracuse, Sr)
  14. Isaac Moore (Emerson, Sr)
  15. Danny Nokes (Virginia Tech, Sr)
  16. Mihir Bhagat (Missouri, Sr)
  17. Jake Levy (Wingate University, Graduate Student)
  18. Greg Wong (UC Davis, Sr)
  19. Connor Shreve (University of Denver, Jr)
  20. Will DeBoer (Columbus State, Graduate Student)

Honorable Mention (alphabetical): Daniel Budick (Ithaca, So), Dominic Controneo (Arizona State, So), Jim Costa (Central Michigan, Sr), Josh Graham (East Carolina, Sr), Jake Hromada (Ohio University, Fr), Jeremy Klein (St. Cloud State, Jr), Cory Krupp (UW Oshkosh (Sr), Josh Kurelac (Kansas University, Sr), David Lauterbach (Syracuse, Jr), Zach Mackey (Iowa, Fr), Chris Morales (Rutgers, Sr), Steve Normington (Elon, Sr), Maddie Sattler (Northeastern, Sr), Varun Raghupathi (Syracuse, Jr), Ryan Rouillard (Oregon, Jr), Chase Senior (Temple, Sr), Evan Stockton (Syracuse, Fr), Nathan Takitch (Ohio University, Sr), Jeremy Vandroff (Emerson, Sr), Johnny Wincott (Syracuse, Jr)

2015 Jim Nantz Award Judges

Mike Keith, Tennessee Titans
Dave Koehn, U. of Virginia
Chuck Swirsky, Chicago Bulls
Alex Faust, 2011 Jim Nantz Award Winner
Brian Estridge, TCU
Adam Cavalier, 2009 Jim Nantz Award Winner