Inbornone to broadcast UNCP athletics

The 2012 Notre Dame football team featured 21 future NFL players. Manti Te’o, Theo Riddick and Tyler Eiftert led the Fighting Irish to the national title game against Alabama. That squad also planted a love of play-by-play in a young boy growing up in Orlando, FL. Alex Inbornone recalls, “My roots for play-by-play broadcasting come from Notre Dame Football on NBC. That 2012 season with so many memorable games and calls from Tom Hammond made me fall in love with the idea of making a career of this!”

Now Inbornone is a play-by-play broadcaster himself. He is the new voice of UNC-Pembroke. The opportunity is part of a paid play-by-play/video production internship. Inbornone will be the voice on video streams for many of UNCP’s 16 NCAA Division II varsity athletic programs, including football and basketball.

Inbornone is a 2022 graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University. He believes his UNCP application was boosted by the fact that PBAU and UNCP are both NCAA Division II schools. “For three years I was lucky enough to call nothing but DII athletic events. That might’ve been my biggest advantage to others who applied and came through a DI institution.”

UNCP has used STAA to fill it’s broadcasting position several times in recent years. Inbornone saw the opportunity in an STAA Job Leads email and eagerly applied. “UNCP has a great track record in this position,” he states. “I am very encouraged by that and hoping I can follow in line with the former broadcasters here. Obviously a huge plus to joining the UNCP family is having a football team, I think young broadcasters who can receive the opportunity to call college football is a big time opportunity.”

Inbornone joined STAA after learning about it through one of his professors in college. He wanted help finding a sportscasting job. “It took a while to find the right one but it all worked out! It has been a year now since I have joined. I always have fun reading the [weekly STAA Insider], watching the STAA calls of the week and listening to other people’s stories. STAA is way more than just the job boards!”

Now the kid who loved watching Tom Hammond call Notre Dame football on NBC is also calling games. “Growing up, all I ever cared about was sports. By the time I was in high school, I knew this was the career for me.”

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