Alex Gold to host late nights on SB Nation Radio

“Alex(July 9, 2018) Sports talk Alex Gold, who lost his job last month when ESPN Boise dropped its sports format, has landed on his feet. He is one of two current and three former STAA members featured in the new lineup at SB Nation Radio.

Gold’s show, “The Gold Standard,” replaces fellow STAA member Patrick Creighton weeknights from 10 pm to 1 am EDT. Creighton moves to 5 to 8 pm, replacing the recently departed Sean Salisbury.

The seed for Gold’s new opportunity was planted in October when STAA introduced him to SB Nation Program Director Craig Larson.

“I am overjoyed with the opportunity to take The Gold Standard nationally,” says Gold. “It’s hard to put into words just how appreciative I am of Craig Larson for believing in this show. I’m also thankful to the many fans who helped make it happen.”

Before moving to Boise, Gold worked in Topeka and Wichita, KS. The University of Kansas grad has been an STAA member since 2011.

Tony Desiere, Matt Perrault and Matt Harab, who were STAA members when they joined SB Nation Radio, are also featured in the network’s revised lineup. Desiere and Ronn Culver are the news hosts of SB Nation AM. Perrault continues his daily Noon to 3 pm show; Harab remains on overnights.

(Visit Alex’s STAA Talent Page).

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