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“When I’m in need of a fill-in talent for one of our many schools, I use the STAA Talent Search. In a matter of minutes, I can search for talent in the area I need and hear their demos. It makes the process very easy.”


Broadcast Manager, Learfield Sports

“STAA represents an elite talent pool of professional broadcasters. We’ve had tremendous success at Yahoo! Sports Radio of identifying those individuals based in large part to their STAA Talent Pages. We look forward to continuing the association for many years to come.”


Yahoo! Sports Radio Program Director

“Your site is one of the better things that is out there right now. For a person to just email a PD is so easy. I was looking for someone (for a job at our station). Finding that person without your service and without going public is nearly impossible.”


Program Director, 92.3 The Fan, Cleveland, OH

“STAA has demonstrated to me that their clients are people who take their careers seriously. They are committed to the industry. If they’re going to make that initial investment of time and money in STAA, then I’m going to align myself with that company. STAA gives them an understanding of what it takes to get the job.”


Program Director, Sports Radio 930, Jacksonville, FL

“You provide a great service. It (the STAA Talent Search) was a big help in finding talent. With the resumes and audio clips you make it easy for everyone.”


Assistant AD, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“The STAA Talent Search gives us choices of qualified people to fill whatever void that we have at the time. The Talent Pages make it really easy because we can search by region to find someone that might be familiar with our area. We can review their resume, listen to their audio, develop a group of finalists and start interviewing. Normally, you’re hearing from people all over the place which becomes much more time consuming because you’re getting phone calls all of the time.”


Regional Manager, Steckline Communications

“Thanks for your help with your website. It’s a fantastic service you offer. It makes it extremely easy and convenient for both sides — talent and employers.”


General Manager, Odessa Jackalopes Hockey

“The STAA Talent Search has really already helped me. You have done a great job on the site. You know how it is when you want to start looking. This (STAA Talent Search) really opens up my search to really find the best person. I appreciate that.”


Program Director, KWSN Radio, Sioux Falls, SD

“We had not had a full time on-air opening in over 10 years and STAA made it easy for me to review potential candidates online by clicking and listening to samples. I appreciate the help during my search.”


General Manager, WMQT Radio, Marquette, MI