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“Jon Chelesnik and his services at STAA have been immensely helpful in landing this job. His coaching and counsel over the past two years aided me in positioning myself favorably and accentuating the best of what I have to offer. With such significant insight into our industry and what employers are looking for, he’s a fantastic resource for sports broadcasters seeking that next job.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Kansas University

“Without my STAA Premier membership, I would never have known about the job.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Montana State University

“[STAA] has coached me up through the whole process. How to design letters, emails, phone call preparation, resume design, and demo DVDs. “[STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik has given me, and continues to give me, outstanding guidance and advice as I seek each and every year to improve my skills and network as a college basketball analyst. Jon has pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and the result has been growth and confidence in my abilities. Jon always calls me coach, but Jon Chelesnik is the true coach in this relationship!”


College Basketball TV Analyst

“STAA and Jon Chelesnik provide an outstanding service to sportscasters. The audition tape is the best I’ve ever come across and the assistance with potential employment is outstanding. I would highly recommend STAA to any broadcaster looking for employment.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Colorado Rockies

“Jon called on Day 2 of my membership, we had a great convo, then about half way through Jon mentioned that he may have a perfect place for me to work. Literally the next thing I knew I was emailing, then on the phone with Craig Larson, Program Director at Yahoo! Sports Radio.”


Sports Talk Host, Yahoo! Sports Radio Network

“Having the ability to find out about jobs that are out there before the general public finds out gives you a chance to beat everyone else.”


Reporter, Atlanta Braves Radio Network

“[STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik has] been an invaluable resource to me. All the phone calls that we have had, the advice, the recommendations, settling me down when I became flustered, were so important. I cannot thank [him] enough.”


Sports Talk Host/Anchor, Sports Radio 610 KILT, Houston, TX

“This opportunity would not have been possible without my STAA Talent Page. When the job opened up, Tom Boman at Learfield used it to advise the people at Zimmer (Radio Group) of potential candidates.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, University of Missouri Women’s Basketball

“Thanks for your service STAA. It’s been a boon to me and my career.”


Sports Director, ESPN Radio, Marquette, MI

“A couple of months ago I was contemplating canceling my STAA account to save a little money. If I had done that I would not have this opportunity.”


Sports Director, KVHT Radio, Yankton, SD

“I wasn’t sure if signing up with [STAA] was the right move, but I’m pretty sure this means I was a jackass for not doing it two years ago.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, East Texas Pump Jacks Baseball

“Simply put, I would not be where I am today without STAA’s help. No other organization has the job postings that STAA has, and that doesn’t even include all of the personal critique, input and advice that [STAA CEO Jon Chelesnik] has given me over the years. It’s so nice to have someone in the industry that I can call and simply bounce ideas off of or ask for a sincere opinion on a position.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Hickory Crawdads Baseball

“The career planning and consulting is really worth being a part of something special like [STAA].”


Anchor/Host, WCBS News Radio 880, New York City

“I mean this is in all sincerity — if STAA didn’t exist I would feel overwhelmed about the job search.”


Morning Drive Co-Host, Rip City Radio, Portland, OR

“Jon and STAA have been paramount in allowing me to pursue my career and passion. The Talent Page is an incredible tool to allow potential employers to see and hear my work without jumping through a lot of hoops. I appreciate so much that Jon has always returned my calls and provided me with incredibly well intentioned advice. There is no way I could have [landed this job] without STAA, I am forever grateful.”


Sports Talk Host, News-Talk 1320, Lawrence, KS

“STAA has been incredibly helpful to me over the last couple months. There are so many job lead emails about jobs I’d never know about. Thanks again [to STAA]. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.”


Broadcaster, K101/Z92, Woodward, OK

“There’s an enormous amount of credibility with STAA in the industry as I learned along the way.”


Sports Director, KATE 1450 AM, Albert Lea, MN

“STAA seems to be constantly looking for new ways to gives clients a positive experience. I would not have achieved some of my short-term goals without [STAA’s] guidance and I will be a client for a long time to come.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Rockford Aviators Baseball

“Having STAA by my side was critical to my success. Having [STAA CEO] Jon Chelesnik to guide me through the proper steps of an application was a massive help. I didn’t realize how some of the little mistakes I was making were possibly costing me jobs. I wish I had sought his advice sooner and more often.”


Play-by-Play Broadcaster, Wenatchee AppleSox Baseball

“Since I re-entered the broadcasting field full-time a year ago August I’ve gotten both of my professional broadcasting jobs through [STAA]. How could I not be more grateful? [STAA] has changed my life.”


Sports Director, KUTT Radio, Fairbury, NE

“I have been a member of STAA since my junior year in college and it’s helped prepare me for every step of my career.”


Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations, South Carolina Stingrays