Making pitch to Twins for Josh Whetzel
Courtesy the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
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(February 4, 2011) John Gordon, the radio voice of the Minnesota Twins since 1987, said this will be his final season in the broadcast booth. He's 70 years old and will be in his 25th year with the Twins. Here's hoping the club considers Rochester Red Wings broadcaster Josh Whetzel for the soon-to-be vacant spot on its TV/radio team.

In his eight seasons as play-by-play voice of the Red Wings, Whetzel has become my all-time favorite Wings radio announcer. He has an excellent voice, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn as much as he can about the history of the Wings. He has dutifully served his apprenticeship and is more than ready for the shot he deserves in the majors.

If the Twins used Rochester to groom play-by-play men as well as ballplayers, Whetzel wouldn't have anything to worry about. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

Read more at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle where this story was originally published.
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