Owen Murphy named PD at ESPN Seattle
Press Release
(November 17, 2009) Owen Murphy has been promoted to Program Director for the all-sports 710 ESPN Seattle. This announcement was made by 710 ESPN Seattle General Manager Dave Pridemore . Mr. Murphy served as the station’s Assistant Program Director since January 2009. He assumes his new responsibilities immediately.

“This is a natural progression for Owen,” said Dave Pridemore . “He has been instrumental in launching the station and developing our on-air team and has earned the chance to take full responsibility for our on-air product.”

“Over the past 11 months, I have worked closely with Rod Arquette building 710 ESPN Seattle from the ground up,” said Murphy. “I’m lucky to have programming resources like Rod and the rest of Bonneville’s experts to help me guide the brand. We are all excited about our future plans.”

“Owen has played a crucial role in putting together the building blocks for this powerful sports station,” said Bonneville Seattle Program Director, Rod Arquette. “This promotion will allow him to take an even stronger hands-on approach in moving the station to the next level.”

During his career, Murphy has been a Producer for MLB.com and ESPN Radio. In his time at ESPN, Murphy produced for “Mike and Mike In the Morning,” and lastly as the lead-producer of “The Dan Patrick Show.” Most recently, Murphy was a co-host of the top rated, “Heller and Murphy Show” on ESPN 1070 in Madison , Wisconsin , as well as Assistant Program Director.

The new 710 ESPN Seattle features radio play-by-play and comprehensive coverage of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners. 710 ESPN Seattle broadcasts a line-up of local Seattle-based sports news and sports talk programs, along with selected nationally-syndicated programs from ESPN Radio Network.

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